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Instant Loans Limited is providing finance services across UK since 2009.
With our company you can apply for loan and get instant decision (up to 60 seconds).
You don't have to worry about paperwork (we do not expect you to fax or send any paperworks to us).
Also we do not carry out credit checks. So if you have bad credit score you can apply for payday loan with our company without worrying about your credit score.

Payday Loans
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60 seconds

You can get payday loan in 60 seconds
After you apply you will see information that we are processing your details, please give us up to 120 seconds to process all informations, and you will get decision online in same window.

Please do not close your browser as it will cancel whole process !

No Credit checks
Repay on your Payday

Improve your credit score

Improve your credit score with us
A credit score is simply a score give to each consumer. If you late on payments or have credit cards that are often at the limit, your score may be affected.
But every time you successfully pay a direct debit or pay off a loan it will improve.

You can use payday loans without credit check to improve your credit score. It is perfect solution especially when cost is very low in compare to bank loan for people with poor credit rating.

Loans up to 1000 quid
Quick and save solution for you

About payday loans

Payday loans is simple and cheap solution
If you ever faced overdraft or payment late fee you know that it can be very expensive.
Payday Loan is simple solution for all short term financial problems.
You can apply for payday loan at any time, simple you choosing your next payday and in that date you will pay off loan.
If you have problem with re-payment you can always to roll the payday loan over to your next payday.

Low apr, low cost

Do you qualify ?

Criteria which you have to pass:
- You need to be over 18 years,
- You have to live in UK,
- You need a job,
- You need to earn at least £400 per month,
- You can have default,
- You can have very poor credit score.